By becoming a member of the the Advanced Power & Energy Cluster, there are a variety of services and benefits at your disposal. 


Advanced Power & Energy Cluster Network

The Power & Energy Cluster principally exists as a way to connect qualified, high technology product and service providers to the customer – the Department of Defense and the armed services, agencies and warfighters that comprise it. The Cluster’s main service is to help make those connections, or to facilitate ways for Cluster members to make them, through numerous collaborative methods.

Members who have been qualified by the Defense Alliance and its partners can sign in and visit the Member Section of the website to see detailed information about other members, as well as news and information about additional Department of Defense opportunities (such as Requests for Proposal).

While the Cluster staff and its partners are focused on finding and qualifying members and opportunities, and providing connections where possible, it is up to members to take advantage of the network this effort represents and find innovative ways to capitalize on information, connections and partnerships that exist.


The Defense Alliance and its partners work with members to determine the level of support a member needs, provide support and counseling, and when necessary, provide recommendations for follow-on, fee-based counseling.  when necessary. The Defense Alliance and its partners assist members in identifying technologies, focus areas, partners, and milestones, as well as establish and provide insight into progress tracking.

New Business Identification

The Defense Alliance and its partners can provide approved members with updates and information on new technologies, new opportunities, and new energy sector data using market research services.


The Defense Alliance and its partners can provide menthorship and guidance regarding business functions in the following subject areas: