"Tier One" Member Meeting Held in Twin Cities

Posted 9/30/11 (Fri)

Minneapolis:  29 September 2011:  The Advanced Power & Energy Cluster held a special "Tier One" Members event at HGA in Minneapolis this week.  The event was scheduled to coincide with the visit by Rear Admiral Sean F. Crean, U.S. Navy, who was the keynote presenter for the Defense Alliance's annual "Architect of Defense Award" that evening.  Admiral Crean is the Director, Office of Small Business Programs, for the Office of the Secretary of the Navy.

The APC Member companies who attended the 20-person roundable session heard from Admiral Crean about DoD opportunities in power and energy; presented their technologies in a "lightning round;" and participated in a discussion about advancing innovative technologies into the DoD, and to commercial industry.

"Tier One" APC Members are those companies who have worked extensively with APC Partners and staff to provide substantive information about their products and services to the DoD.  Questions about how companies can obtain this status should be directed to the APC Partner in your region - or to the APC staff.