Advanced Power & Energy Cluster Releases Solar White Paper

Posted 9/22/11 (Thu)

The Advanced Power & Energy Cluster (APC), operated by Defense Alliance, released a technical “white paper” today that details the state of solar photovoltaic technologies in Department of Defense (DoD) forward operations. The paper is the first in a series that will summarize “green” industry sectors relevant to the nation’s defense needs, and the related contracting opportunities that exist for high technology businesses. A copy of the white paper is available on the APC’s website,
The DoD has experienced a dramatic increase in power and energy needs since combat operations began in 2001, particularly for expeditionary units and forward operating bases. Examples include a 684% increase in electrical watt demand by Army companies; an increase from 54 to 754 batteries of all types for a Marine company; and overall DoD usage of 330,000 barrels of oil per day. While forward deployed units have become much more effective during the same period, these energy demands together with the need for drastic cost savings have made the DoD a national leader in advancing technologies in the energy sector. Solar technology is attractive to DoD operators because of its ability to generate power independently for expeditionary forces, and abundant sun as a resource where those forces are now deployed.  
Based in the Twin Cities and largely funded by the Small Business Administration, the APC now has members in 20 states and Washington, D.C. The organization’s efforts have led to the creation of more than 70 high technology jobs and the awarding of $3.5M in federal contracts since the fall of 2010. Members of the APC meet periodically; the next gathering will be prior to the Defense Alliance’s annual award event on September 29th. The principal guest is Rear Admiral Sean F. Crean, U.S. Navy, Director of Small Business Programs for the Navy and Marine Corps, who will discuss small business contracting opportunities, particularly for power and energy needs of the DoD. 
The APC is one of three national Advanced Defense Technologies (ADT) clusters; its goal is to accelerate technology solutions to meet the power and energy needs of the DoD while contributing to regional economic development and global competitiveness through commercialization and job creation.