Advanced Power & Energy Cluster Announces "Tier One" Portfolio

Posted 1/20/12 (Fri)

The Advanced Power & Energy Cluster (APC) released its first “Tier One” Member Portfolio this week.   The online magazine-style portfolio is a comprehensive list of 16 Member companies that the APC has determined have a high level of technology and business readiness, and are aggressively addressing Department of Defense (DoD) power and energy needs in a variety of areas.  Examples include:  Entropy Solutions and its use of Phase Change Materials (PCMs) to keep food cool during transport for long periods in high temperatures without the use of power; Hydro

Hydrovolts, which manufactures a portable, rugged hydro-powered electrical generator for tactical use on the battlefield, disaster relief areas, and elsewhere; and Lloyds Systems, an innovative, scalable robotic system for HVAC cleaning and sealing.

According to APC’s Minnesota Partner, Tom Nelson, “Our Tier One Members are really stepping up to the plate with a strategic outlook on their technologies.  They recognize the opportunities involved as DoD pursues energy efficiencies like never before; and they are also excited about contributing to critical needs for the nation’s defense in the process.”

The Tier One Portfolio includes a Member listing, DoD-style “quad charts” summarizing each technology, as well as links to more detailed white papers, and to key people and websites.  The Portfolio can be accessed by going to the link on the APC’s home page at; or directly at:

APC is operated by Defense Alliance, the Upper Midwest's defense industry network.  It is one of the three Advanced Defense Technologies Clusters funded by the SBA, and endorsed by DoD.  APC is based in Minneapolis, and has 93 Member companies and Partners in 23 states.  The main objective of the APC is to be a catalyst for connecting innovative technology to DoD power and energy challenges

As the APC expands and works with its Members, it is also building key linkages in government, business and academia in this rapidly expanding market.